Digitalization is changing the world of logistics in a sustainable way, without there being any universal answers. The high speed of complex transformation processes poses growing challenges for logistics worldwide, often on an elementary scale. At the same time, volatile markets demand a high degree of agility from companies and their organizational structure. This requires the right strategic changes and deliberate corporate management to successfully shape the process. And your path to success is our goal.


The COVID-19 crisis demands everything from logistics. Its acute as well as lasting structural effects will determine success and failure in 2020, but also in the new decade that has just begun. The course for the coming years is being set now! We are convinced that deliberate corporate management is a key success factor in this new world of logistics. In this article, we look at what deliberate corporate management means for us and how it can help you: Mastering the crisis and setting the right course for success in the new decade.


We are a network of experts that focuses on logistics and accompanies management in the context of digital transformation. Based on detailed industry knowledge, extensive management experience and high professional competence, we design innovative solutions that guarantee the future viability of our customers.
Our actions are based on a clear and honest motive: We love logistics in all its facets and therefore we want to successfully shape the future direction of logistics for our customers. We see it as our mission to navigate logistics service providers safely through change processes.


Teaming up with you, your managers and logistics experts, we develop the action plan for your company. We follow a systematic, pragmatic and transparent approach – the Corporate Navigator Health Check. This can be carried out holistically for the entire company or for individual departments.

Step 1: The new world of logistics

We will reveal you the dynamic change of logistics and will work out together what this means for your company.

Step 2: Determining your current position

Together we will systematically work out where your company stands today. We use figures, data, facts as well as structured interviews and workshops to get a comprehensive analysis.

Step 3: Action Plan

From the analysis we jointly derive the fields of action and options for action for your company. These are incorporated into a concrete action plan.

Step 4: Implementation

If required, our team of experts will support you in implementing the action plan. We orient ourselves to your individual needs and fields of action.


The Corporate Navigators Health Check gave us clear insights: Where are we doing well? What do we need to improve? What perspectives are there in our decision-making? The project really brought us forward: we have clear activities agreed that we can implement immediately.

Jörn Peter Struck

Vorsitzender Geschäftsführung
CargoLine GmbH & Co. KG

Corporate Navigators have been an important part in helping me and my team shape a vision that moves our landside transportation from an add-on to a strong stand-alone product focused on delivering value to our customers supply chains across the world.

Nikolaj Kristensen

Global Head of Intermodal and Insurance
Maersk A/S

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Leadership Navigator

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Improvement Navigator

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Performance Navigator


Deliberate corporate management

he COVID-19 crisis demands everything from logistics. The course for the coming years is being set now! Ewald Kaiser describes why deliberate corporate management is a key success factor in the new world of logistics and how it can help you to navigate your company through these intensive times.

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